Date of Birth
December 15, 1998
25 years old
Place of Birth
Gomel, Belarus
Marital Status
Social Media


Casino streamer


Mellstroy’s biography begins with his struggle with poverty and assistance to his parents. However, he became known on the Internet thanks to his content, which evokes various opinions. He is often criticized for distributing controversial material, such as promoting alcohol or influencing youth, as well as for undermining family values. But even with such accusations, he still has many fans.

Childhood and Youth

Mellstroy’s childhood and youth were challenging. He was born on December 15, 1998, in Gomel, Belarus, into a family where money was always tight. His father worked as a locksmith, and his mother was a saleswoman. Young Andrey often wore old clothes passed down from his older brother.

In school, he became passionate about playing Minecraft. At first, he played for fun, but then he decided to create his own server and start making money. He took this venture seriously, investing all his efforts into advertising. To save money, he created multiple accounts on the social network VKontakte and actively promoted his server in gaming groups. It took a lot of time, but eventually, he started earning.

Later, his interest shifted to the game «Dota,» and he began trading in-game items. But even this passion became dull for him, and eventually, Mellstroy decided to take a temporary break from the internet.

Mellstroy’s Blog

After returning to the internet, Mellstroy decided to diversify his content. He created videos for his YouTube channel, exposing the flaws of a popular Minecraft player. This video received around 30,000 views, inspiring Mellstroy to start streaming, sometimes featuring compromising material about other internet celebrities.

Mellstroy and Dasha Koreyka

The blogger managed to attract an audience after he began broadcasting streams in which he offered girls to undress in exchange for subscriptions and likes. However, some of the participants in the videos turned out to be underage, attracting the attention of Belarusian law enforcement agencies. Andrey was accused of distributing pornographic content, and a search was conducted at his apartment, during which his computer was seized.

After spending time in temporary detention, which left him with negative impressions, Mellstroy was released, and the case was closed. Despite the blocking of his social media accounts, Mellstroy again began creating provocative content, as it quickly attracted views and expanded his audience.

On his new channel, Andrey conducted streams where he, disguised as a businessman’s son or a person with cerebral palsy, interacted with girls and observed their reactions. These videos found their fans, and soon he began to earn money from advertising. He also promoted online casinos, which drew condemnation from other bloggers who believed he was misleading his subscribers. Negative reviews were also sparked by the giveaways he conducted in his Telegram channel.

Over time, Mellstroy’s videos became increasingly provocative, but this did not prevent him from attracting an audience. After moving to Moscow, he began filming videos in the «Federation» tower in the «Moscow-City» complex, showcasing a luxurious lifestyle. He often invited girls and other internet celebrities to his streams, offering them money to perform tasks. Among the guests of the Belarusian blogger were such well-known personalities as Kirill Tereshin, Edward Bil, and Katya Anokhina. His desires often had an intimate nature, which only increased interest in his content.

Mellstroy and Katya Anokhina

In 2022, during a broadcast, the blogger organized an unusual auction where a luxury Maybach car was presented as a lot. The winner of this auction was the viewer who made the largest donation during the stream. As a result of the draw, the car went to one of the subscribers who transferred 1.6 million rubles to Mellstroy. In addition, Andrey prepared a generous surprise for his colleague Yuri Khovansky, transferring him $17,300 to help him buy an apartment in Serbia.

In 2023, Andrey, known as Mellstroy, continued to actively run his blog. At the beginning of the year, he announced to his subscribers that he had found a new streaming platform — Kick. Later, photos from exotic countries where he vacationed and spent time began to appear on his social networks. Interestingly, in the captions to some of them, he ironized, indicating the location as Gomel.

In the last days of February, information appeared in the media that Mellstroy had lost access to his channel on the Chinese platform Trovo. The reason for this was the alleged broadcast by the blogger of gambling games. Ekaterina Mizulina, speaking on behalf of the Safe Internet League, noted that the organization had previously filed a complaint about Burima’s activities. As a result, Roskomnadzor included the streamer’s accounts on the Twitch, Telegram, and Kick platforms in the register of banned sites.

In the fall, active discussion around Mellstroy started again in the media. This time, he made a generous donation of 2 million rubles to Oleg, known as stray228, to shave off his mustache. By the way, the total amount of all donations from Andrey for that evening amounted to 7 million rubles.

Personal Life

Burim openly demonstrates his personal life, talking about his individual achievements, but does not rush to establish serious relationships. Judging by the guy’s memories, in school years, he dated a girl because of whom he got into a fight and suffered a concussion. During this period, while in the hospital, Andrey contemplated the possibility of becoming a blogger on the «YouTube» platform. In the summer of 2022, there were suspicions about a possible connection between Mellstroy and Dasha Koreyka, who had previously participated in the blogger’s streams.

Scandal and Court Case

In October 2020, a video was published on the internet showing a blogger brutally beating a woman during a live stream. The victim was Alena Efremova, who announced her intention to sue the blogger, joining others who suffered from his actions on YouTube.

Mellstroy and Alena Efremova

The dispute arose over Alena’s request for the guy to undress and show his physical form, as in one of the videos, he allegedly boasted about his athletic torso. Initially, Mellstroy insisted on showing this video, then he repeatedly hit Efremova’s head against the table and roughly pushed her away. Later, the girl posted a photo on Instagram (the social network is banned in Russia, it belongs to Meta corporation, which is recognized as extremist in Russia) showing her bloodied lips and talked about severe headaches.

Andrey’s fans immediately took his side, claiming that Alena provoked such a reaction herself. At the same time, Mellstroy claimed that the stream guest was lying in her testimony: he alleges that he did not fracture her jaw. Medics examining the victim only recorded soft tissue bruises and no fractures.

Mellstroy in court

The blogger also speculated that he faces a fine of 5,000 rubles for the committed offense, although Efremova herself demanded compensation for the damage caused to her in the amount of 3 million rubles. In July 2021, the court made a decision on the case of beating the girl during the stream: 6 months of community service and compensation to the victim in the amount of 72,000 rubles were appointed. However, a year later, Alena appeared at Mellstroy’s birthday, congratulated the birthday boy, and kissed him on the cheek.

Mellstroy Now

In 2023, Andrey spent time on the island of Mauritius. An exciting bet with friends that he could abstain from alcohol for six months led to unexpected consequences. Mellstroy managed to resolve multimillion-dollar debts.

The young man did not plan to face such serious financial difficulties in the future and got the opportunity to start saving money. Already in January 2024, the streamer arrived in Dubai, where he published a video showing him buying the luxury car Mercedes-Benz BRABUS G800. The cost of this car was about 41 million rubles. By the way, he recently also bought a watch for about the same amount.

Mellstroy and his watch

Burim continued to regularly stream, often involving girls in it. In addition, he began to shock the public by acting as a generous donor and transferring huge sums of money to other bloggers. For example, he made a donation of several million rubles to Papich to start playing «Dota 2».

In February 2024, Mellstroy was declared wanted by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Law enforcement agencies intended to hand over the blogger to colleagues from Belarus, where he is facing criminal charges for evading military service.

Interesting Facts

  1. According to Andrey himself, he currently experiences fear of death and spiders.
  2. During his school years, the blogger was actively involved in boxing.
  3. Andrey refers to his fans as «borovs,» and he named their group on the social network «VKontakte» «borovsky logov» (borovsky’s den).